Breaking: NHL linesman attacked by Dennis Wideman has just filled a MASSIVE lawsuit!

Holy cow!

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If Calgary Flames veteran Dennis Wideman thought his troubles would be over when he served his suspension for attacking a National Hockey League linesman, he was dead wrong. 

In a shocking breaking news report, TSN financial expert Rick Westhead has revealed that linesman Don Henderson has filled a whopping $10.25 million dollar lawsuit against again the Flames defenseman.

Henderson was unable to continue officiating after the hit from behind by Wideman, and there were reports that indicated he had suffered a severe concussion as a result of the hit, likely the cause of his inability to continue officiating.

Among the injuries being claimed by Henderson are an injury to the neck that required surgery, and injury to his back, an injury to his shoulder, pain and numbness in his right arm, an injury to the knee, shock and anxiety, headaches, and determinant disability.

Needless to say these are very serious claims, and a potential nightmare for Wideman.