Breaking: NHL losses millions in concussion lawsuit settlement!

That is a lot of money.

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The National Hockey League has just lost millions of dollars. 

In a stunning announcement that had been rumored for weeks now we learned on Monday morning that the National Hockey League has reached a settlement in a lawsuit that was brought forth by a large number of their former players. The lawsuit was brought about by the new developments in medical research that appear to demonstrate a link between repeated and sustained blows to the head and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) that develops in the brain as a result. 

Due to the nature of how CTE has been studied until now there remains quite a bit of gray area when it comes to determining what exactly causes CTE and as a result professional sports league's have made great efforts to deny the links between their respective sport and CTE. In spite of that denial however there are now enough real world examples of players who's brains have severely deteriorated later on in life across a number of sports including football, hockey, soccer, rugby and many others. 

The hockey world itself has been particularly touched by the long term effects of CTE as it is believed to have been one of the root causes for a number of suicides involving former players in the National Hockey League. Although the NHL and the league's commissioner Gary Bettman have continued to deny any link between their sport and the CTE suffered by some of their former players, today's settlement will speak loud and clear to fans of the league and it's players past, present and future. 

According to court documents the NHL and the players who brought forth the lawsuit against the league have reached a settlement that the league will pay out, and it's a massive number. Section 2.6 (h) of the settlement reads as follows: 

"In no event shall the payments pursuant to subparts (a) through (g_ of this Section 2.6 in the aggregate exceed the Settlement Amount of Eighteen Million Nine Hundred Twenty-Two Thousands Dollars ($18, 922,000.00)."

The NHL has admitted no wrong doing in as part of this settlement, but any time they will attempt to sell this to the public from now one everyone will remember that they gave up nearly $19 million to make all of this go away.