BREAKING: NHL management groups and Garry Bettman are in DEEP troubles.

The scandal is growing nastier as trial looms!

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NHL management group and Garry Bettman are in deep troubles

For the 2016–2017 NHL season the National Hockey League appeared to be heading in a direction that will see major changes coming to their concussion protocol.

It’s going to be very hard to argue that this was somehow against the best interest and well-being of the players on the ice, but if history is any indicator this will not be a change that goes over well with a large segment of the fan base. 

The NHL commissioner Garry Betteman, as reported by The Buffalo News, “have ‘contested every single issue’ in a concussion lawsuit, an attorney for retired players says.”

If it goes to trial, it’s going to be the first concussion and sports case that will ever see the inside of a courtroom,” said Charles, “Bucky” Zimmerman, a lawyer for the players. “The others have settled, and this one at this point is looking like it may get tired. We’re looking forward to that because we think the law and the facts are on our side.”

Moreover, the player agent Allan Walsh reported this in an email sent to the great reporter John Vogl:

The NHL has attacked the retired players in the concussion lawsuit using a multipronged strategy,” Walsh said via email. “They have belittled the players’ intellectual capacity to write op-ed articles in newspapers. They have used friendly media to portray the players as greedy and seeking handouts. Most disheartening, the NHL has stated repeatedly that no causation exists between concussions, sub-concussive blows to the head and CTE.”

NHL management groups and Garry Bettman are in deep troubles.