Breaking: NHL owner says his team is trying to trade for a star player.

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It's rare than National Hockey League owners get publicly involved in trade discussion and even more rare when they publicly admit they are trying to pull off a major deal.

On Monday morning Richard Labbe reported comments made by Montreal Canadiens owner Geoff Molson on the topic of trades his organization is currently looking to pull off, and needless to say they were very revealing. 

The Canadiens have both cap space and a big hole to fill up the middle of their line up, and this has led to speculation they could be targeting deals for some big names, something that Molson appear to confirm.

"We are talking about every star player," said Molson before adding "including Tavares."

Molson is of course referring to New York Islanders captain John Tavares, a player that many feel could slot right into the Canadiens lineup and furthermore could immediately fill the hole they have had a center for several seasons now. 

It's unclear how close the Canadiens are on any potential trade deals, but if the owner is commenting on it publicly he must feel confident. 

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