Breaking: NHL player has reportedly just signed for $64 million!

Holy crap that is a lot of money!

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Roughly an hour ago we reported that the San Jose Sharks and star defenseman Brunt Burns were close to a deal, and now it appears that deal is done.

It's once again ESPN's Pierre LeBrun who's first with the news, and according to LeBrun this is truly a massive contract, one that could come in for the low, low price of just $64 million. LeBrun is "hearing" that this is an eight year contract and one that carries an average annual value of $8 million, while this is not an official report, you can bet it's either directly on the mark or very close to it.

There's not likely to be much debate about this deal as there is no doubt that Burns is one of the very best players at his position in the entire National Hockey League. The Sharks were left with only two realistic options on the table, either they had to make the deal or they had to be willing to let Burns walk away as a free agent. 

Fans in San Jose will be very happy at the news, however it remains to be seen how the deal is viewed at the end of it's term when Burns will be 40 years old.