Breaking: NHL prospect sentenced to three years for sexual assault!

NHL prospect may have just ruined his hockey hopes.

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A shocking verdict has led to a shocking sentence and likely the end of one young man's dream.

According to a report from CTV News Windsor, former New Jersey Devils prospect and former Windsor Spitfire Ben Johnson was sentenced just hours ago to three years in prison for sexually assaulting a 16 year old girl in March of 2013.

Johnson has maintained his innocence throughout the case, with lawyers claiming he never had sex with the victim, and furthermore that the sexual acts that had taken place were consensual. However the judge presiding over the case ruled that forensic evidence disputed Johnson's version of events.

This likely means the end of any hope Johnson had of playing in the National Hockey League, not only because of the length of his sentence, but because of thbe stigma that will be associated with his name going forward.

Johnson's attorney's plan to appeal the verdict.

Image courtesy CTV News Windsor