Breaking: NHL star facing multiple charges after allegedly grabbing woman by the throat on video.

NHL star reportedly caught on video grabbing a woman by the throat.

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The latest details out of Buffalo paint a very ugly picture for Sabres forward Evander Kane, but it also sounds like thanks to a curious decision he may avoid the most serious of his legal trouble.

According to a report from the Buffalo News Kane is now facing non-criminal harassment charges after he put his hands on four different people, three women and a male bouncer at the bar where the incident took place.

The charges are reportedly coming from two of the women who both claim they were grabbed by Kane, one was reportedly grabbed by the neck, but curiously the woman who seemingly got the worst of it is not coming forward to press charges

From the Buffalo News:

Kane also yanked the hair and grabbed the throat of a third woman, but she has not come forward to press charges, the sources said.

Kane's attorney has denied any wrongdoing:

“Evander steadfastly maintains that he did not do anything wrong. We have seen the videos and they do not support that Kane did anything wrong,” Cambria. “I am sick and tired of anonymous sources making inflammatory allegations. If you claim something happened, don’t hide in the shadows. Anonymous sources are worthless. The courtroom is where the truth comes out.”

However a police source that spoke to the Buffalo News paints a far more disturbing picture of what happened, particularly what happened on a video that shows Kane's interaction with the third woman who has not come forward.

“He yanks the unknown woman by the hair and pulls her down and then grabs her around the neck in the area by the bar door,” the police source said. “She has not come forward.”

This is not the first time Kane has landed himself in hot water, and Sabres general manager Tim Murray voiced his displeasure at the incident that occurred in Buffalo, with the news breaking on the day of the draft, which was also in Buffalo. One has to wonder what kind of future he has in that organization should these allegations be proven to be true.