BREAKING: NHL superstar miss World to undergo surgery after tough Playoffs stretch.

This is unexpected!

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The Playoffs are always exciting for the fans and players alike, but it takes a heavy toll on the boys. The regular season is a tough enough grind already, but Playoffs hockey is something else. The intensity obviously goes up a good notch and the pace of the game is frantic. 

On top of it all, players tend to hide or play through injuries so they don't miss any of the action. It's exactly what we learned about Vladimir Tarasenko today. 

For him to skip the World was surprising enough, but it all makes sense considering his injury. It's still unknown what is the exact surgery he will need, but Tarasenko will have the whole summer to get better and be ready for next season. 

The series between the Blues and the Predators was a tough one and it left many bruised up. 

Wish you the best!