Breaking: NHL superstar out 4 months with major injury.


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One of the very best in the National Hockey League is going to miss a great deal of time with an injury.

In a stunning announcement, the Ottawa Senators have revealed that star defenseman Erik Karlsson has had surgery to repair multiple torn tendons in his left foot, and as a result he is expected to need a whopping four months to recover from his injuries.

From the Senators official press release:

"Erik underwent surgery earlier today in Charlotte, N.C, to repair torn tendons in his left foot. The tears, which occurred during this year's Stanley Cup Playoffs, were found during an MRI as part of an extensive medical evaluation following the season."

"The recovery from this surgery is expected to take approximately four months. This timeline leaves us hopeful that Erik will be fully recovered and healthy to start the 2017-18 regular season."

Karlsson is without a doubt the heart and soul of that roster, and is also inarguably the best player on that team, any debilitating injury such as this is going to be of tremendous concern to the fan base, and to anyone who is a fan of elite hockey players.

We wish him a full and speedy recovery.