Breaking: NHL superstar photographed after flying in helicopter with convicted drug smuggler.

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A National Hockey League superstar not only recently flew in a helicopter with a notorious drug smuggler but, unaware of the man's history, stopped to pose for a photograph with the man. 

According to a report from the Vancouver Province, provincial anti-gang police contacted the Vancouver Canucks organization after star forward Daniel Sedin unwittingly took a helicopter flight with the man who has previous been convicted for drug smuggling. 

The Canucks were warned that the man was in fact Edward "Skeeter" Russell with anti-gang police indicating that they became aware of his contact with their organization upon discovering the picture that Russel had published of himself and Sedin on social media.

It turns out Sedin wasn't the only player to come into contact with Russell either, both Bo Horvat and Sven Baertschi had taken a previous trip where Russell had tagged along in a separate helicopter. All three players however appear to have been entirely unaware of Russel's background and the trips had been arranged through a third party.

“The arrangements for the trips were not made with him directly and any interactions were very minimal on the day. Had our players been aware of his apparent background, they would not have accepted the invitation,” Linden said.

Russel had previously served four and half years for drug trafficking with an organization that was linked to the Hells Angels, however in his defense he has served his time for his crimes and claims to have left his former criminal life behind. Nonetheless the provincial anti-gang police felt the Canucks were deserving of a notice regarding his unsavory past.

Here's the photo Russell himself published on social media.

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