Breaking: NHL team confirms they are in talks to sell the team.

NHL confirms it's currently negotiating a sale.

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A National Hockey League organization has just confirmed one of the biggest rumors in the entire league. 

Sportsnet insider John Shannon is now reporting that he has received confirmation from Carolina Hurricanes team President Don Waddell that the team is currently negotiating the sale of the team, although it appears multiple buyers are currently involved.

Waddell has confirmed that one of those buyers is Dallas billionaire Thomas Dundon, although who the other interested parties are currently remains a mystery at this time. 

Shannon was also able to confirm that Dundon is looking to purchase a controlling interest in the team although it's unclear if current owner Peter Karmanos would retain a stake in the steam.

Last but not least, it does not appear that relocation is part of the discussion at this time, so even if the team were to be sold it would remain in Carolina.