Breaking: NHL team may be forced to change it's name.

An unbelievable development.

Breaking: NHL team may be forced to change it's name.

Last week we reported that there were some issues with the name chosen by the National Hockey League's newest franchise, the Las Vegas Golden knights, and furthermore that the name was being challenged. That story died quickly however as Las Vegas owner Bill Foley shot down any concerns about potential legal challenges.

Now however it sounds like the league itself is taking those challenge's a little more seriously and in fact TSN insider Darren Dreger is reporting that the league is expected to release an official statement regarding the situation in the near future.

Despite the legal challenge it seems like an outside possibility that the team will actually be required to change it's name, with a financial settlement seeming far more likely an outcome. There is a report from ESPN's Darren Rovell that the school challenging the name, St. Rose College, is $9 million in deficit, which certainly provides room to speculate about a potential ulterior motive behind their challenge of the name.

With that said it's too early to call what exactly is going to happen in this case, and we will likely know more once the NHL releases it's official statement.