Breaking: NHL veteran being sued after explosion at his house.

NHLer facing legal trouble in the middle of the season.

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A National Hockey League veteran is facing some strange legal troubles after an incident at his home. 

According to a report from Global News 32-year-old Red Wings forward David Booth is being sued by a man named Jason Feinstadt as well as a number of other people who rented Booth's property along with Feinstadt.

Feinstadt reportedly attempted to light the barbecue on the property while he was renting it, only to have the barbecue exploded into flames causing burns to both of his arms, both of his hands, both of his legs as well as his neck and face. 

It's unclear at this time why Booth would be responsible for the exploding  barbecue, however Feinstadt alleges that Booth and his widfe are responsible for “permitting the premises to be… inadequately maintained and in a dangerous condition and a danger and a trap to persons accessing the premises.”

This is certainly not a distraction that Booth needs in the middle of an NHL season.