BREAKING: Nikita Kucherov totally DESTROYS some of his teammates.

MAJOR bombshell dropped by Kucherov.

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Nikita Kucherov Totally DESTROYS Some of His Teammates

The Tampa Bay Lightning missed the 2017 Stanley Cup playoffs and Nikita Kucherov isn’t too happy about it.

He totally destroys some of his teammates during an interview reported by Sergey Demidov. Here’s what Kucherov had to say: 

We had great chemistry with Namestnikov and Stamkos at the start of the season. We understood each other really, really well. And the Stamkos was injured. I was very upset. I think those nine games were my best in the NHL. After that coach started shuffling lines. Partners were changing like in kaleidoscope. It was very hard to be used to it, because guys didn’t play at Stamkos lever. It’s hard to explain how I played with them. We had lack of understanding each other, there were some problems. I was suffering torments all the season, because I couldn’t find perfect chemistry with other partners after Stamkos injury. We played with Jonathan Drouin once, and it was good, but coach didn’t put us together for some reason.

And some guys overstayed in the team. They’ve got their money and topped working. They knew there’s no competition for their positions and organization is not going to take someone else. They did not play really well this year—you can see it in their stats and way of play. When we played together and I made a pass, they even were not expecting this. That’s why this season was hard to me despite good stats.”