Breaking: Oilers have reportedly made Lucic a ridiculous offer!

This would be a little bit crazy.

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The Edmonton Oilers appear hell bent on acquiring Milan Lucic but if this rumor proves to be true fans will be asking themselves if the cost is worth it.

According to a report from Fan 960 morning host Dean Molberg the Oilers have made Lucic an offer so good one has to wonder if it's possible to refuse, but one that may not be good for the Oilers organization in the long term.

Molberg is claiming that a source informed him that the Oilers were going "balls deep" to get Lucic, while a second source reportedly informed him that the Oilers were offering Lucic the maximum term of 7 years, and a $7 million average annual value to match it.

Again if true this seems like a big time over payment from the Oilers.