Breaking: One team reportedly making a final push on Ilya Kovalchuk today.

Could the deal be done today?

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Could the deal be done today? 

Rumors have been circulating for weeks that former NHL superstar Ilya Kovalchuk will make his much-anticipated return to the NHL in 2016-17 after a four years’ sojourn into the KHL. 

Could the deal be done today? According to Slava Malamud, Russian sports writer, “today the SKA will make its final push to keep Kovalchuk in a face-to-face meeting. Expect literally all of the money to be thrown at him."

SKA doesn’t truly need Kovalchuk to stay competitive next year. The push to keep him comes from the KHL, which badly needs a ‘PR victory" added Malamud.

However, few second later, TSN’s Pierre LeBrun added that his understanding of the Kovalchuk situation is that he continues to look at his options in both KHL and NHL. Hasn’t closed the door on either.