Breaking: Outrage in Edmonton as Oilers place 2 players on waivers.

The Oilers are a complete train wreck.

Breaking: Outrage in Edmonton as Oilers place 2 players on waivers.

There is no official way to make this kind of statement but I'm going to call it official anyways. The Edmonton Oilers are the single worst managed team in the entire National Hockey League, and honestly it may not even be close. 

The Oilers have just sparked a furor in their hockey market with their latest series of transactions, a series of moves that really rounds out the absolutely horrific job that Oilers general manager Peter Chiarelli has done since taking over the reigns of that organization. It is also one that leaves absolutely no doubt about the fact that Chiarelli has consistently traded away some of the organizations most valuable assets in exchange for about as close as you can come to nothing while also having the National Hockey League actually approve the trade deal.

According to a breaking news report from Sportsnet's National Hockey League insider Elliotte Friedman the Edmonton Oilers have placed 2 players on the waiver wire today. Now while in and of itself that may not be particularly groundbreaking news when you look at who the players are and the deeper context behind these moves it truly begins to paints a very ugly picture for the Oilers. 

The first player being waived is none other than recently acquired forward Ryan Spooner. Spooner was of course recently picked up by Chiarelli in a trade that sent Ryan Strome over to the New York Rangers organization, a trade that the Oilers appear to have lost handily. Spooner has appeared in 24 games for the Oilers prior to this move and has simply not been a good fit under the leadership of head coach Ken Hitchock. In those 24 games he has 2 goals and 1 assists for a total of 3 points and a plus minus rating of -4. Meanwhile since joining the Rangers Strome has 6 goals and 5 assists with only 5 more games played than Spooner. 

Of course the truly damning part of this move comes when you consider that Strome was the center piece for the Oilers in the trade that sent forward Jordan Eberle to the New York Islanders, meaning that the Oilers have now effectively given up Eberle for no return at all. All under the guidance of Peter Chairelli of course.

The second move is of far lesser importance with Ty Rattie being sent to the waiver wire as along with Spooner. Rattie was signed to a one year deal last year and has been a role player for the Oilers since joining the organization. He has not been particularly bad or particularly good and is the kind of player you would expect to see submitted to waivers when team's need to make room on their roster.