Breaking: Penguins GM admits he's considering a “major trade.”

He's contemplating making a big move.

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A National Hockey League general manager has just made some very surprising comments and one has to wonder if there may not be more than one reason for him doing so.

On Wednesday Penguins beat writer Jason Mackey had a chance to catch up with Pittsburgh Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford and he asked him about the current struggles of his team. 

Rutherford admitted that he was not happy with the performance of the Penguins thus far in the current season and furthermore he added  that the team was reaching a critical point where big decisions would have to be made.

"We’re good enough to be better than we’re doing. Hopefully that’s the way it goes here in the next little while," he said as per the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

And if things don't go well? Rutherford openly admitted that a big time trade deal was an option.

 "If it doesn’t, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think that a major trade would come out of this."

Now it has to be said that this may merely be a way for Rutherford to publicly send a message to his locker room in order to motivate his players, but we doubt that is the case. 

More likely would be that Rutherford has already been seriously contemplating a trade deal and this will now serve as a way to alert his fellow GMs that he is open for business.