Breaking: Peter Chiarelli talks about possible Jordan Eberle trade!

Straight from the GM himself!

Breaking: Peter Chiarelli talks about possible Jordan Eberle trade!

There has been rampant speculation about a potential trade involving Edmonton Oilers forward Jordan Eberle and on Tuesday that speculation was addressed by the Oilers general manager himself, Peter Chiarelli.

TSN insider Pierre LeBrun sat down with the Oilers GM for an exclusive one on one interview, and one of the most intriguing topics of conversation were the rumors surrounding Eberle, and Chiarelli didn't shy away from the question.

"Part of when you have success and you haven't had success.... is that there is a lot of embers, coals, and they get reheated and everything is a discussion point."

"You like that from an organization stand point... this is part and parcel with having success."

While those were very vague responses from Chiarelli, he dropped a bombshell just a few seconds later, although he didn't specifically name Eberle. 


"The reality, the way we are gonna have to spend our money in the future is probably gonna mean us having to move a player in the future. When that future is I don't know."

As previously stated, there has been rampant speculation about Eberle's future in Edmonton, or more specifically his lack of future after a difficult playoff performance, and Chiarelli just poured a ton of gasoline onto what was already quite the fire.

Image courtesy Sportsnet.