Breaking: Player agent makes shocking comments about NHLer’s substance abuse

His agent admits that friends and family are unaware of the former star’s current whereabouts…

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Former NHL star Mike Ribeiro has had so many ups and down throughout the course of his NHL career. The 37-year-old center played over 15 seasons in the NHL for the Montreal Canadiens, Dallas Stars, Washington Capitals, Phoenix Coyotes and Nashville Predators and split last season between the Preds and their AHL affiliate Milwaukee Admirals. His battle with drugs and alcohol had been made public years ago when he reached out for help during the 2013-14 season. While he looked to have his life back on track, some disturbing news from his agent Bob Perno has cast some doubts on the future of his NHL career and, in fact, his health.

While appearing live on air with TSN690’s Tony Marinaro, Perno admitted that he “can’t get in touch with Mike Ribeiro.” When Marinaro asked whether Ribeiro had hit rock bottom, he answered simply, “I really don’t think so. All the experts say that when you hit rock bottom than that’s when you reach out for help and he hasn’t reached out.”

Perno also went on to say that while Ribeiro’s wife has been in contact with him, it was brief and he hasn’t answered his phone in days. Ribeiro seemed to find a fit in Nashville after a rough go of things in Phoenix, but a relapse into alcoholism sent him in a downward spiral and ultimately led to him being waived and demoted to the AHL.

Here’s hoping that things turn around for Ribeiro and that he can get his life back on track.

For the full shocking account from Perno himself, click the link below: