Breaking: Player for player trade in the NHL on Monday morning!

We have a trade.

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2 teams in the National Hockey League are kicking off the work week with a fairly significant trade.

According to a breaking news report from Dallas Stars insider Mark Stepneski the Dallas Stars and the Anaheim Ducks have made a player for player trade deal. The Anaheim Ducks will be sending veteran winger Andrew Cogliano to the Dallas Stars and in exchange the Stars are sending center Devin Shore back the other way to the Ducks. I believe that it is safe to say that given both teams' struggles at different times this season this move was designed to shake things up in both the Ducks and the Stars locker room.

Neither player has produced at a particularly high pace this season with Cogliano appearing in 46 games for the Ducks during the 2018 - 2019 NHL regular season thus far and picking up just 3 goals and 8 assists for a total of 11 points. Meanwhile Shore on the other hand has appeared in 42 regular season games and has 5 goals and 12 assist for a total of 22 points on the season.

It is an interesting move from both sides as these players are at drastically different stages of their careers. In the case of the Ducks they have just traded a 31 year old veteran, admittedly one with an incredible track record of durability in the NHL, in exchange for a 24 year old who may still have yet to enter the prime years of his career. The Stars are of course desperate to make the playoffs, something that was made very clear in an outburst from CEO Jim Lites earlier this season, so adding a well established veteran like Cogliano makes sense, and the Ducks have desperately needed to get younger on offense. 

You have to wonder if this may signal the start of perhaps a rebuild or retooling process from Anaheim Ducks general manager Bob Murray who issued a public statement supporting his coach over the week end in spite of his team suffering 11 consecutive losses. The Ducks will get shore at a cap hit of $2.3 million both this season and next season and will retain control of his rights through restricted free agency even beyond that.