BREAKING : Predators reveal details about Johansen's injury.

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The Predators announce Ryan Johansen is out of the playoffs and underwent surgery today. He suffered a thigh injury during game 4 during a very intense game. 

The team revealed a bit more details a few minutes ago. 

It's pretty shocking to learn how urgent the surgery was. Normally, players take a few days to recover before going under the knife, but it this case it seemed the urgency was just too great. 

Also, a 2-3 months recovery time is quite normal following a surgery. However, it's still a good news for the organization, considering Johansen will be ready to go comes October. Thing is, his contract expires this season and he will have to sign a new one, in Nashville or elsewhere. This injury could have a major impact on his next contract and it could be a good opportunity for the Preds to negotiate better conditions for them. 

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