Breaking: Radulov already given huge leadership role in Dallas

A surprising choice? Maybe not!

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The Dallas Stars announced today that the team will have four alternate captains this season.

Alexander Radulov is an interesting name on this list - the Russian was acquired over the summer on a lucrative long-term deal after making a statement return to the NHL with the Montreal Canadiens last season.

Radulov did his best to shed his negative reputation around the league - something that came out of his time with the Nashville Predators at the beginning of his career. He famously missed a curfew during the playoffs, and eventually defected to the KHL.

It's surprising and at the same time unsurprising to see that the much-maligned Russian has been trusted with a letter on his jersey - it's a testament to the character he's built up over the years, and the leadership he brings on the ice night in and night out. Habs fans will be able to attest to that; they were all witnesses to how Radulov would single-handedly bring a tremendous amount of energy to his team.

How do you feel about this news? Do you think he deserves the letter?