Breaking: Reporter claims NHL head coach could be fired after “3 or 4 more losses.”

Shocking claim from a Canadian reporter.

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A Canadian reporter has made an extraordinary claim.

Frank Cavallaro of the CBC believes that Montreal Canadiens head coach Michel Therrien could be fired in just a few short games should the Canadiens continue to lose. Furthermore he indicated that a former Montreal Canadiens great and current assistant coach could be the one taking over the reigns of the head coaching position.

"Therrien has to go. 3 or 4 more losses and Muller takes over," said Cavallaro.

The Habs have won just two of their last six games and fans in Montreal have longs memories, any indication of a mid season slump similar to the one that derailed their campaign following the Carey Price injury last season would be met with serious fan backlash.

It has to be said that Cavallaro didn't name any sources for his report, and he has already been challenged for making the comments regarding Therrien.