Breaking: Reporter claims P.K. Subban will be traded.

Huge report from Montreal today.

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There is a massive story out of Montreal today, one claiming that star defenseman P.K. Subban will be traded at the 2016 National Hockey League Entry Draft in Buffalo, New York.

Reporter Sebastien Lajoie of La Presse claims he has been informed by a source that the trade will happen, and that the motivation behind the move is, as has been rumored several times already, Subban's relationship with the rest of the locker room. We had heard rumors of tension in the Habs locker room, but Lajoie claims his source cited specific incidents that led to the break down.

Again according to Lajoie the situation got so bad that Subban actually came to blows with his teammates, plural, that Subban refused to show up to the end of year players' party, and that he was the only player who didn't contribute to the "envelope" that is given to the equipment staff at the end of each season.

It's a shocking report from Lajoie, and it comes from off the heels of a report from insider Pierre LeBrun that indicated the amount of trade chatter around Subban has picked up heavily in the past 48 hours. 

Are the Montreal Canadiens actually going to eject their superstar defenseman prior to his no-trade clause kicking in on July 1st?