Breaking: Rinaldo knocks out former teammate with a very dirty hit.

No respect for the well being of his former teammate.

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You can mark it on your calender, October 21st 2015, the day former Philadelphia Flyer Zac Rinaldo became public enemy number one in Philadelphia, at least from a hockey perspective.

Rinaldo issued what sound an awful lot like a threat earlier today, and given his actions this evening that may be exactly what his words were intended as.

During the final seconds of the first period Rinaldo earned his team five minutes, and earned himself a game misconduct, by taking out former teammate Sean Couturier with an inexcusable shot to the head.

Not only was the head the principal point of contact, not only was Couturier defenseless at the time of the hit, but Rinaldo also leaped off his feet and drove all the force of his body into the head of Couturier.

After a extremely harsh punishment for repeat offender Raffi Torres earlier this year, it will be interesting to see how the NHL handles this hit.