Breaking: Russian reporter takes a shot at Ovechkin

Well that escalated quickly!

Breaking: Russian reporter takes a shot at Ovechkin

Alex Ovechkin is taking a lot of criticism since he stated on social media to support the re-election of one of his close friends, Russian politician Vladimir Putin. 

However, the more virulent criticism the Russian forward received from the hockey world is probably from Russian sports writer Slava Malamud, who proved to be a reliable source when it comes to the KHL. Malamud tweeted about Putin's team this Friday, and even if he doesn't directly insult Ovechkin, there's no doubt he was taking a obvious shot to the Washington Capitals captain. 

"To quote my colleague Alexei Shevchenko, "The Putin Team is like a social club for people with too much weight and no brain"

There's no doubt Ovechkin will hear about this comment, and it's not a understatement to say that the next meeting between those two will probably be full of tension.