Breaking : Ryan Kesler underwent surgery to relieve immense pain.

His Playoffs were tougher than we thought!

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A hockey season is a long process and many guys will get hurt along the way. Most of the time, we won't hear about it until the season is over and the skates are hung for a few months. Sometimes the injuries are well known, but other guys keep their pain pretty quiet. 

It's the case with Ryan Kesler, who had to undergo a hip surgery last week to clear bone fragments. 

Clearing fragments is not a huge procedure and it's more or less a maintenance surgery. However, playing with fragmented bones is no picnic. It could be very painful in some cases and it has to impact the level of play one way or another. 

The intense rivalry between Kesler and Ryan Johansen became one of the biggest stories of this year's third round. Johansen was sent to the hospital midway through the series for a very dangerous compartment syndrome, but apparently his nemesis was hurt too in the process. 

Kesler is expected to recover fully by the next season's first game.