Breaking : Sens ask star player to lift non-moving clause!

He's a key player and yet they ask him for the possibility to be moved!

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The Stanley Cup is still smelling like champagne in Pittsburgh, but life in the NHL goes on. With a close call this year following an inspiring deep run, the Senators are now gearing up to face the expansion draft that's about to happen. Vegas can pick one player from each team to build their own roster and everyone in the league is scrambling to protect their best and most promising assets. 

The Senators have made their bed and asked Dion Phaneuf to lift his non-moving clause today. 

Teams have until tonight at 5 pm ET to make such request to their players. Lifting the non-moving clause is not a sure bet the player will be moved and/or drafted by Vegas in the expansion draft, but it still opens up a lot of questions in Ottawa. As a reminder, a player with a NMC is considered as a protected player for a team facing the expansion draft, which means other UFAs, RFAs and unprotected players without a NMC are exposed. 

Maybe Phaneuf's clause will be lifted to protect other players of the Sens while a deal is in place with Vegas. Rumors are that the Blue Jackets did just that, giving away a first rounder to bribe Vegas in taking a specific bad contract off their roster. Maybe the Ottawa organization is doing the same. 

Anyhow, we'll follow this story very closely!