Breaking: Shocking accusations of sexual harassment against unnamed Habs player.

Rumors of a sexual harassment scandal involving a Canadiens player.

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A French language Montreal blogger who has now covered the Montreal Canadiens for several years has just made a shocking threat during his most recent podcast.

A host of women have gone public with allegations of sexual harassment following the Harvey Weinstein scandal that rocked Hollywood and now women may be coming forward regarding one of the Canadiens very own players. 

Founder of Canadiens blog 25 Stanley Jean Trudel Utah claimed during a recent podcast that he has received proof of sexual harassment from two different women regarding a player who plays professionally in Montreal.

"There's a member of the professional hockey organization in Montreal.... you can read between the lines.... two of my friends have sent me screenshots of conversations and there's a player who behaves like a real idiot, and who doesn't understand that... when a girl says no it means no."

Utah has stated that if he receives so much as one more complaint about this player he will be exposing him to the public. 

"If I receive one more complaint on this guy, and maybe there is someone from the Canadiens and the teams in Montreal that can pass on the message to their players, I will expose the player and he won't like it."

Utah seemingly has incriminating evidence of this behavior as well and threatened to release that evidence online if the behavior continued.

"The last thing the Montreal Canadiens need is pictures of a player sending dick pics to girls to end up on the internet."

While this may seem like wild allegations being made by Utah, and you should rightfully be skeptical, he has demonstrated close ties to a number of francophone NHL players in the past and his report on this matter is not to be taken lightly as a result. 

Our only question on this matter is if the player is indeed harassing women, women Utah claims to be friends with, why has he not moved forward with his evidence already?