Breaking: Shocking development at Penguins morning skate

Is it time to change the strategy?

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In advance of the biggest game of their season, the Pittsburgh Penguins received some fantastic news. Starting goaltender Matt Murray took to the ice with his teammates today for the first time since going down with an injury prior to game 1 of the playoffs.

Now, just because Murray suited up for practice, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the 22 year-old rookie will be deemed fit to play. But the development does bode well for the Penguins though should they make it past the Washington Capitals in tonight’s blockbuster game 7. Once Murray is back to full health, it’s likely that he’ll be added to the team’s lineup to back up Marc-Andre Fleury. Once that happens the spotlight will shine even brighter on Fleury and any mistake that he makes will be amplified because of Murray’s presence.

In any case, it appears the Penguins will face the Capitals tonight with Fleury between the pipes and any decisions beyond that will be made by the coaching staff at the appropriate time.