Breaking: Shocking rumors of relocation after NHL owners spotted visiting arenas across the country.

Owners of struggling team spotted visiting potential new homes.

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There are some truly explosive rumors going around the NHL right now.

According to officials in both Seattle and Portland the owners of the Arizona Coyotes franchise recently visited both cities, and more specifically an arena in each of those cities, leading one to the obvious assumption that the Coyotes are eyeballing a potential relocation. A report from the Glendale Star is claiming that the destinations appear to have been both KeyArena in Seattle and the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon.

Late last week it was revealed the proposed plan for the Coyotes to move to Temple with the support of Arizona State University had completely collapsed leaving the future bleak and very much uncertain for the Coyotes franchise. With Seattle and Portland having previously been named as potential locations for an NHL team and the collapse of the Temple deal all signs are now pointing in one single direction.

The Coyotes have issued a complete denial of these rumors, but you'll have to excuse us if we take anything from that organization with a grain of salt at this point, not to mention a spokesperson for KeyArena made the following statement:

“(the city) recently had a tour for potential developers and potential ownership groups and there was a representative from the (Coyotes) that was part of that.”

We don't expect any announcement will be made prior to the end of the NHL season, but this is one story you most certainly want to keep an eye on.