Breaking: Shocking update on the future of the Flames in Calgary.

Major announcement does not look good.

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A shocking announcement from a National Hockey League owner has seemingly left a Canadian NHL team in jeopardy. 

A breaking news report from Sportsnet analyst Eric Francis has revealed that Calgary Flames owner Ken King has announced an end to the ongoing arena negotiations between the Flames and the city of Calgary, citing that the city is not genuinely interested in helping them with the project. 

That's not all however, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has also commented on the situation and while this is merely speculation, his comments felt a lot like a naked threat.

"At some point there will be consequences that will have to be dealt with," said Bettman as per Francis. 

Needless to say this story is far from over, but fans in Calgary are likely going to be very worried about this news, and perhaps they should be.