Breaking: Signs of major problems with star players in Montreal.

This is the last thing the Canadiens needed.

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One long time Montreal Canadiens reporter made a rather large revelation during his interview on Sportsnet 590's Prime Time Sports this afternoon regarding potential problems in the Montreal locker room.

According to Habs insider Michael Boone one of the major problems Montreal is facing in it's locker room right now is a problem between some it's star players. Boone was asked by Sportsnet's John Shannon if he believed P.K. Subban and captain Max Pacioretty were the root of the problem and his answer was yes.

"There haven't been reports of a blow up, or screaming, but I sense it."

Perhaps even more troubling for the Canadiens is the fact that according to Boone there is a rift between the two stars themselves.

"I don't think Pacioretty and Subban are each other's cup of tea."

Although it appears that Boone believes Subban is a larger part of the problem than Pacioretty is, and Boone's description of Subban's personality shed some light on that.

"P.K. is a larger than life personality, I think if I had a kid like that in my high school class he would drive me berserk."

The most damning statement from Boone however came when he was asked by Sportsnet's Bob McCowan if Subban was resented by his teammates.

"To a degree."

This is the last thing the Canadiens needed.