Breaking: Six trades announced at the expansion draft!

A crazy trading frenzy at the expansion draft.

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We have a stunning number of trades at the Las Vegas expansion draft. 

Six to be exact thus far, and here is a brief run down of every trade we have witnessed at the NHL expansion draft.

The first trade of the night was a minor one, with the Buffalo Sabres coughing up a sixth round draft pick in exchange for influencing which player the Las Vegas Golden Knights eventually selected from the Sabres roster.

That was followed by a trade with the Florida Panthers, a trade that saw Reilly Smith heading to Las Vegas in exchange for a fourth round draft selection. 

The Carolina Hurricanes traded a 2017 fifth round draft pick to the Golden Knights, and while no return was announced, speculation would lead you to believe that it was designed to influence Ls Vegas' pick.

Up next was a mystery trade between the Winnipeg Jets and Golden Knights, the details of this deal will only be announced later tonight. 

The Golden Knights then made a trade with the Tampa Bay Lightning that saw the Golden Knights acquire a small fortune. Coming there way is Nikita Gusev, a 2017 second-round pick as well as a 2018 fourth-round pick.

Last but not least was a monster four-piece deal with the New York Islanders. The Golden Knights acquired Jake Bischoff, New York's first round pick in 2017, their second round pick in 2019 and Mikhail Grabovski.