Breaking: Source confirms the Oilers are willing to trade one of their forwards.

Huge report regarding a potential trade from Edmonton.

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It's not surprising to learn that general managers are looking for a trade when their teams have not had the start to the season that they are looking for, and that is exactly the case now with Edmonton Oilers general manager Peter Chiarelli.

There is a lot of pressure on Chiarelli at the moment given the way his Oilers have performed to open the season and now a source has confirmed that he is indeed looking to make a trade deal to improve his offense. 

Sportsnet's Mark Spector claims that a source has informed him Chiarelli is currently willing to move forward Anton Slepyshev who plays the left wing, and furthermore that Chiarelli would be looking for someone to play the right side in exchnage for Slepyshev.

No word from Spector on whether or not Chiarelli has had any takers in that regard, however the source has reportedly also confirmed that Chiarelli has received offers from rival teams regarding defenseman Matt Benning.

While Spector states clearly that there is no evidence that the Oilers are currently shopping Benning, he does add that Chiarelli has reportedly been looking to add a young defenseman to his roster and Benning has been the ask from the teams he has approached in this regard. 

It seems that the Oilers would "absolutely" be willing to part ways with Ryan Strome as well, however given the current state of his game the Oilers may keep him merely because the return would be insignificant.