BREAKING: Star defenseman played despite showing clear concussion sign!

Where is Bill Daly is this specific case?

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BREAKING: Player expected to play tonight despite showing clear concussion sign!

Since he received a dirty hit to the head offered by Gabriel Dumont, Ekblad is out of the play due concussion. It’s not the first time that Ekblad is suffering from concussion and insiders start to believe the Florida Panthers should take this case seriously and be very careful with their star player.

Things turned out quickly as Tom Rowe announced Monday Ekblad would miss seven to 10 days recovering. Problem is the recovery period be longer than that as Ekblad, 21, has as many concussions as NHL seasons played. It’s time to protect the players.

Ekblad returned to the lineup Tuesday against the Carolina Hurricanes after a four-game absence due to a concussion suffered on March 11.

An early report from George Richards confirm Aaron Ekblad out of Florida Panthers lineup tonight; woke up with a sore neck, said unrelated to concussion. This is certainly raising concerns on fact that Ekblad played despite showing clear concussion sign.