BREAKING: Star opens up on a Radio Station about what the Jet needs to improve.

The Jets locker-room is eager find their way back into playoff contention.

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The Winnipeg Jet’s alternative-captain Mark Scheifele sat down with TSN 1290 Winnipeg and spoke about his season, the Jets, and his involvement with Team Canada at the upcoming World Hockey Championships.

In his fourth season with the Jets, 24-year-old Scheifele put up career highs in goals (32), assists (50), points (82) and +/- (+18) across 79 games. The decision to mark him as alternative captain to start the season appears to have been a good one.

With a host of young Canadian teams finding surprising amounts of success in the playoffs this post-season, Scheifele confirmed that the Jets locker-room is eager find their way back into playoff contention.

“No team can come out and just make the playoffs. You have to play a full 82 games, and be on the ball for all 82”.  Scheifele added that Jets consistency will be the biggest focus for next season, “that’s something we need to stay cognisant of…there’s no days off”.

Despite their absence from the post-season, Scheifele is excited for next season and the Jet’s chances:

“In this league, you have to work so hard to stay at the top of your game…guys that have won the cup are guys who want to get better every year, they don’t settle for second best, they keep on working and I think that’s what we have in our Winnipeg room”.

Of his offseason plans, Scheifele said this: “Two days after the season I’m bored”.

No surprise then that he’s more than excited to get a chance to compete at the World Hockey Championships in Paris. “I know a lot of the guys who are going… it’s such a fun tournament, you can’t turn it down”.

Unless the Jets are in the playoffs, and Scheifele’s confirmed that he would be okay if this was his last World Hockey Championship, so long as he was playing for the Stanley Cup instead: “That’s the goal”.