Breaking: Starting goaltender does not come out for the second, not even on the bench.

Potentially bad news for an NHL team.

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There is a very big cause for concern in tonight's match up between the Calgary Flames and St. Louis Blues. 

Despite the fact that veteran goaltender Mike Smith started the game for the Flames he is now nowhere to be seen in the second period, in fact Flames beat reporter Kristen Odland is reporting that she hasn't even see him appear on the bench.

Smith got off  to a rough start in the first period allowing two goals on just 9 shots from the Blues but, while that would be enough to explain why Eddie Lack was put in the game, that is not enough to explain why he did not come out at least to the bench.

This of course has resulted in rampant speculation that Smith may have been injured, although it is important to note that we have heard no reports that would substantiate any of those claims, official or otherwise. 

That being said stay tuned because we will be bringing you more information as it becomes available.