Breaking: Sullivan hints at controversial change for game 4

A panic move from the Pens’ bench boss?

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Pittsburgh Penguins head coach Mike Sullivan appears to be on the verge of making a divisive decision for game 4. When asked who his starting goaltender would be for the pivotal game 4 of his team’s Eastern Conference Final against the Ottawa Senators, Sullivan hinted at a change.

Wow. Now, granted, Marc Andre Fleury was not great in a terrible game 3 loss for the Penguins, but his play thus far in the playoffs has to be taken into consideration. Meanwhile option 2, Matt Murray, hasn’t started a game in over a calendar month. Could Sullivan turn to Murray in such a crucial game? Recent history shows us that he has no qualms about switching things up between the pipes. When Murray struggled in the Eastern Conference Final last year against the Tampa Bay Lightning, it was Fleury who came off the bench as a starter, albeit in a losing effort. 

Whomever Sullivan decides to go with in goal for game 4, his forwards and defense corps must be better if the team has a prayer of evening the series up. The Pens looked overwhelmed and undermanned against the Sens in game 3 and cannot afford a repeat performance.