Breaking: Superbowl Champion quarterback joins ownership group to acquire NHL team!

Star quarterback in the NFL wants to be an NHL owner!

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There has been a very interesting development in the National Hockey League.

While there has been no official announcement Russell Wilson, a star quarterback in the National Football League and a Superbowl Champion, has announced his intentions to purchase an NHL franchise.

According to Wilson he has joined the Sonics Arena Group who is currently attempting to bring both an National Basketball Association franchise and an NHL franchise to the Seattle area. Wilson currently plays for the Seattle Seahawks and has been revered since bringing a Superbowl championship to the city, and this is likely a both a business move as well as a move to cement his legacy within the city.

He will not only lend financial backing to the project but also his personal brand brings a great deal of attention and eyeballs that would not be focused on either expansion project without his name attached to it.

No word on how much of a stake he's looking for, or what kind of timeline they envision for expansion in Seattle.