Breaking : Superstar goalie was injured during World!

It came close to disaster!

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The World Championship has come and gone and all the attention of the hockey world is focused on the Stanley Cup final. The World Championship was full of drama and not stop action to every fans' delight, but it still left a mark on some guys. Injuries were relatively frequent and NHL GMs had to cringe during every game in the fear of losing a key player. 

It came very close to happen with Henrik Lundqvist, gold medalist and member of team Sweden. According to reports, the King suffered a knee injury at some point during the tournament and will be out of action for 4 to 6 weeks, if all goes well.

Lundqvist was stellar through the whole event and carried his team toward glory. It's unsure where the injury happened, but this sequence surely didn't help. 

In any case, Lundqvist should be okay to begin the season in October and even attend the training camp.