Breaking: Superstar player has a “Slight Chance” to make a return in series.

Major game changer ahead!

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Major game changer ahead! 

With the Penguins’ defense banged up, is there any chance that we could see Kris Letang suit up at some point in the series? That was TSN insider Darren Dreger’s topic following game 4 between the Nashville Predators and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

On top of being widely regarded as the team’s best defenseman Letang is a huge part of how the Penguins transition of out of their own zone, an ability that they will need if they hope to push through a what is shaping up to be a tough playoff bracket.

Could he make his return in the final series? There is a “slight chance"  according to Dregger but that is also "highly unlikely.”

"I sense there is a slight chance. Now prior to the series, I reached out to the Pittsburgh Penguins management and asked that very question: If this series was to go deep, is it possible Letang could come back? And the response was no." First said Dregger.

"That is not the feeling I am getting around the organization right now. I would say that it’s a long shot but it's not impossible." Said Dregger.