Breaking: Talented 23 year old threatens not to show up to camp.

Another young player is now talking through his agent.

Breaking: Talented 23 year old threatens not to show up to camp.

It seems like the decision from Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba to not show up to training camp may have inspired other young players to do the same.

It has been revealed by agent Darren Ferris that his client, Airzona Coyotesd forward Tobias Reider, will not be showing up to training camp alongside with his teammates as a result of a contract dispute that has been raging all summer long.

Reider however has one big time advantage that Trouba does not currently benefit from, he is still currently active as a member of Team Europe in  the World Cup of Hockey, a stage where he cant effectively showcase his skills to other teams.

While Reideer is an RFA and as a result would not be eligible to sign with another NHL team, there have been rumors that Ferris and Reider are prepared to exercise the nuclear option, a departure to the KHL, should the Coyotes fail to cave under the pressure.

Both sides have released a statement on the issue.


“We’ve made them a fair offer at two years at $2.5 million a year, and they’re unwilling to do it,” Ferris said as per Sarah McLellan of AZ Central Sports. “Tobi brings a lot of intangibles to that team. I know he’s a fan favorite. He loves Arizona, but it’s disappointing that they’re unwilling to compensate this kid fairly.

“But at the end of the day, we’re not far apart but they’re not willing to do it at all. I would doubt at this point that I could say that anything’s imminent in getting done.”

The Coyotes for their part don't seem at all concerned.

“It’s disappointing,” Chayka said. “He’s a big part of our team, and we like him a lot. We feel like we’ve made him some real considerable long-term offers that are right on par with the longest offers we’ve ever made in this organization. We want him to be here and get engaged with his teammates and join the club. But it’s business, too. He’s not the first guy to go through this and probably won’t be the last.”

The former fourth round pick is coming off a career year where he put up 14 goals and 23 assists and at 23 he still has room to grow into an even more of an impact player. One has to wonder if like in the Trouba situation this could eventually lead to a trade or a trade demand.