Breaking: Terrible news for Dion Phaneuf.

Not what you need right after a big trade.

Breaking: Terrible news for Dion Phaneuf.

The Ottawa Senators were hoping Dion Phaneuf could be the difference maker and help them make a push for the post season, they were wrong.

Not only are the Senators all but mathematically eliminated, 8 points behind the Flyers with only 6 games to play(7 for the Flyers), but the team has also just announced that the nagging injury that has kept Phaneuf out of the line up is season ending.

Phaneuf had not played since March 22nd when he left a game against the New York Islanders, and today the Senators have finally reported the nature of that injury, a fracture in his right foot, one he suffered 10 days before he pulled himself out of the line up when blocking a shot on March 12th.

It's a testament to Phaneuf's toughness that he was able to appear in four more games following the injury, and although he will need some time to recover the Senators do not expect it will impact his offseason preparation.