Breaking: The final HUGE detail of the Turris/Duchene swap

Ah…. NOW it all makes sense!

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If tonight’s three-way deal between the Ottawa Senators, Nashville Predators and Colorado Avalanche, wasn’t enough hockey news for you, we’ve got another blockbuster announcement. Before agreeing to the deal, Kyle Turris reportedly signed a six-year, $36 million contract extension with the Nashville Predators.

Now it all adds up. According to reports from earlier this weekend, the Sens weren’t prepared to offer this kind of money long-term and with Matt Duchene locked up until at least 2020, the Turris for Duchene swap makes sense. 

For the Preds, it’s a no-brainer. They’re a team in “win-now” mode, so to be able to add a player of Turris’ skill without giving up anything off their current roster is a HUGE win.