BREAKING: The NHL has come down hard on Dennis Wideman for hitting an official.

A unprecedented suspension.

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The National Hockey League has come down hard on Dennis Wideman and if they believe this hit was intentional it's going to be a very bad time for the veteran.

According top a breaking report from TSN hockey insider Darren Dreger the NHL has issued an indefinite suspension to Dennis Wideman and in lieu of the All-Star festivities that are soon to take place his case will not be reviewed until after the break. Given how unpresedented a case this is, it makes sense that the NHL will want to take their time in reviewing the case, but an indefinite suspension is not a good sign for Wideman.

The NHL has not made any kind of statement thus far, but one has to imagine that if Wideman is in fact being suspended, the NHL has determined that this was the result of an intentional attack on an NHL official, and what that could mean for Wideman's future in the NHL is anyone's guess at this point.

If you somehow haven't seen the video of the incident yet you can watch it below.