NHL News : Breaking: “There's no way” head coach returns next season.
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Breaking: “There's no way” head coach returns next season.

NHL head coach will be fired.

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There have been rumors for months now about the future of head coach Willie Desjardins as a member of the Vancouver Canucks organization, but no one has come right out and stated he will be fired... until now.

On Monday during a radio interview on TSN's 1040 in Vancouver, Canucks analyst Tony Gallagher left absolutely no room for doubt when it comes to Desjardins' future and he did so with a pair of scathing remarks.

"We all know there's no way that Willie Desjardins is gonna continue coaching here next year."

"The mere thought of it is laughably unthinkable."

Gallagher believes that ownership has to be unhappy with the scenario unfolding before their eyes, and even went so far as to suggest that the team would be unable to sell even a single season ticket should they retain Desjardins for another season.

Oh and just in case you think Gallagher's comments leave room for interpretation, we've saved the best for last.

"Willie is toast, we know that. I mean there's not even much point in discussing him."


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