BREAKING : Ondrej Pavelec's career in jeopardy?

That was unexpected.

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After suffering a ''lower body injury'' on February 7th, Ondrej Pavelec made a progressive return to the lineup and declared himself ''100% healthy'' on March 2nd. Everything seemed well for the former leading goalie of the Winnipeg Jets

However, a surprising twist of events happened this morning. 

He's on the last leg (no pun intend) of his 5 years, 19,5M$ contract with the Jets. Thing is, with lots of question surrounding his health and body, Pavelec might not sign a new contract with any of the NHL teams. It could be the one-injury-too-many for him. With declining performances on the ice, his attractiveness is limited, to say the least. 

Hopefully, it won't be the case though and Ondrej will get back stronger from all this. 

UPDATE : Apparently, the surgery was more minor than earlier report mentionned.