Breaking: Tom Wilson gets handed down a match penalty for another illegal hit to the head!

How long will this suspension be?!

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Tom Wilson is gonna Tom Wilson, you know it. The night started out pretty well for the Washington Capitals forward, as he tallied a goal in the first eight seconds of the second period in the contest against the New Jersey Devils on Friday night. 

Then, he got back to his good ole ways... Well, we shouldn't say good. 

Later in the second period, Wilson was handed a match penalty for a hit to the head of Devils' Brett Seney. 

The hit is hard to watch... Here are a few angles as the hit is going viral on Twitter: 

Seney had no idea the Capitals enforcer was coming his way and Wilson caught him from behind with his shoulder, straight at the back of his head. The young 22-year-old Devils winger went down the tunnel as the officials were informing Wilson he was out of the game as well. 

Another Rule 48 violation for Wilson.

The hit was no only to the head of Seney but also very late on the play, resulting in a very dangerous interference call. 

The guy needs to change his game! For now, you better believe a hearing will be coming his way and that another suspension will be handed down to the Capitals forward. How long will this suspension be?! 

Remember when he said he wasn't a dirty player... Come on, don't just say it, you have to act upon it and prove you can play clean, Wilson. 

We will feed you more details on the condition on Seney once we get some from the team. 

UPDATE: Surprisingly, Brett Seney is back for the third period for the Devils after suffering the hit to the hand by Wilson in the second. We are hoping that protocol was followed and respected for the player's safety.